We are currently revamping our Volunteerism program. Please check back later for more information.

Rules to Observe While at Davis-Stuart

Please don’t:

• Davis-Stuart is a drug free environment – there is to be no drug, alcohol or tobacco consumption on campus. The campus is comprised of 574 acres. Should you require a smoke break, please drive off-campus.

• Please do not leave your vehicle running while unattended. Vehicles should be locked at all times. Please keep your keys on your person. Do not leave keys lying out or in plain sight of residents.

• Please leave any prescription medications, purses, or other valuables (including cellular phones) in your locked vehicle.

• Refrain from using abusive/suggestive language in front of the residents.

• Avoid the wearing of clothing that has suggestive or vulgar language, is representative of drugs, alcohol, or illegal substances.

• Residents may not receive personal gifts unless approved by the Volunteer Coordinator.

• Volunteers/visitors are not permitted to transport residents in personal vehicles.

• There are to be no weapons brought on campus, regardless of whether they are locked in vehicles. Please pre-plan your visit and remove any weapons from your vehicle or person prior to coming on campus.

• Please refrain from taking photos of our residents while at Davis-Stuart. This is a breach of confidentiality. Please refer to your Volunteer Coordinator for ways to capture photos without violating resident confidentiality.

Please do:

• Have a wonderful time and get to know our residents while you are here.

• Know that you are appreciated in your efforts to better the lives of our youth.

These rules have been established to assure the well-being and safety of residents, staff and volunteers/visitors alike. For each rule, there is a standard or regulation that Davis-Stuart must uphold in accordance with its faith based program, licensed by the WV Department of Health and Human Resources, accredited through Council of Accreditation.

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