What We Believe


In showing the Spirit of Christ, Davis Stuart is committed to helping children and their families find the spiritual, physical, and emotional wholeness for which they have been created.


In light of this vision and building on the history of our lengthy affiliation with the Presbyterian Church, Davis Stuart is committed to the following mission:

➢To be a safe, loving home where all of God’s children who are hurting can find healing, and to help them develop the values and skills to be productive, healthy citizens.

➢To educate and strengthen families through a proactive approach.

➢To advocate for the children and families entrusted to our care on behalf of the church and society.

➢To be a premier resource for the child care professionals, ministers, social workers, and other help givers.


➢A trusting relationship is foundational in the healing process.

➢Child care and teaching are compassionate.

➢Assessment is systemic.

➢Crisis situations are opportunities for growth.

➢All behaviors are holistic in nature.

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