Planned Giving

Getting Started

1. Taking an inventory of all assets and liabilities is groundwork for a good estate plan. It is important to share this information with children or the executor you may have named.

2. After you have compiled a comprehensive list, you must decide how you want your assets distributed. List your heirs and what you would like each to receive, including charitable beneficiaries you would like to support. Also consider your personal goals for the management and protection of your resources.

3. There is more than one way to achieve your goals. As you familiarize yourself with the various estate planning concepts and charitable giving options, you will be able to make informed decisions regarding your plan. Consult with your legal and financial advisors to discuss and finalize your plan.

Charitable Giving

There are many ways to give. Although the choices may seem overwhelming at first, they are simply different options designed to fit various circumstances and meet individual goals.  Only you will be able to  determine how a charitable gift fits into your estate plan.  For the purpose of planning with charitable donations, we will divide giving into two broad categories.

1. Ways to Benefit Charity Later

- Bequest in Will
- Charitable Remainder Trust
- Life Insurance
- Retirement Accounts
- Charitable Gift Annuity
- Real Estate

2. Ways to Benefit Charity Now

- Permanent Fund
- Direct Giving
- Appreciated Securities
- Donor-Advised Fund
- Charitable Lead Trust

Transferring your wealth tax efficiently can make a huge difference in helping you pass on more of your assets to your heirs and favorite charities. A number of philanthropic strategies, some of which are mentioned above, are available that allow you to direct your wealth in ways that reflect your values and beliefs, meet personal financial goals, and provide important tax benefits. This is the process of PLANNED GIVING. It is a process that involves a significant amount of thinking and planning. To explore your many options, please consult your financial advisor or attorney. Planned gifts may be made to Davis-Stuart privately or through the Presbyterian Foundation.

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