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Since its founding in 1919 Davis Stuart has heavily relied upon, and been blessed by, the prayers and financial support of the Christian community. For over ninety years this unique ministry has been providing for the needs of West Virginia children and their families. During its existence Davis Stuart has remained a safe haven for youth who for various reasons cannot live at home, providing for them a loving, stable environment to grow, learn and develop insight into their problems and difficulties. Through program design we strive to provide an environment that is conducive for a young person to develop the skills to be a healthy citizen in body, mind, and spirit. But we need your help to continue these life changing services…

How can your church help?
  • Designate a Sunday offering to Davis Stuart- As faith-based organization and validated ministry of the Synod of the Trinity, Presbyterian Church (USA), many congregations participate in the “Thanksgiving Offering” or designate a Sunday offering to the ministry of Davis-Stuart. This gift can be made through your denomination’s conference office or as a direct gift from your church. We welcome the opportunity to reach out to churches within the community, and would happy to share with your church what Davis-Stuart is doing for the children entrusted to our care.

  • Participate in the “We Care” Campaign - We have an incredible Spiritual Life Program at Davis Stuart. Attendance is voluntary but most attend. Through this program we offer weekly chapel services, monthly family services, small group sessions, and individual counseling. This program is funded solely by the benevolence of our donors. Dorothy Hylton, a dear friend and alumni of Davis Stuart, initiated the “We Care” Campaign to help raise funds for the Spiritual Life Program. Below is a message from Dorothy:

    • “On behalf of the youth of Davis Stuart, I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider contributing on a regular basis to the “WE CARE” Campaign for support of Christ-centered ongoing spiritual growth for the youth throughout the year. All individuals, groups, churches and businesses are invited to contribute. Any amount will be greatly appreciated. Please assist us in fundraising to meet this need within the budget.”

  • Become a Volunteer - We are currently seeking a female to lead a Christ-centered group for the young women who reside at Davis Stuart. We welcome talented musicians to participate in our weekly Wednesday chapel services, or our monthly Sunday chapel services. Volunteers can also participate in our community events and our Christmas program. 

  • Other ideas? We are always in awe of the creative and enthusiastic support of our donors. If you’ve got an idea, we’d love to hear it and work with you to make it come to fruition. To discuss ways your church can participate in the ministry of Davis Stuart, please contact our Spiritual Life Director. 

2016 Thanksgiving Offering

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